Sunday, March 25, 2007

the last few weeks

My last few weeks have been both good and bad.
I've made a number of new friends and have felt incredibly busy. We've stopped taking belly dancing class and have enrolled in Yoga now which takes up 3 days a week because the other 2 days we go to Korean class. My Korean has improved because a good number of my new friends are Korean. I've also started to learn to type in Korean and have gotten quite proficient at texting Korean.

I've gotten annoyed a few times at some of my friends here and I've realized that maybe it has less to do with them and more to do with my culture shock here, as well as a number of bad days. I'm feeling a lot better but there are little things about this country that still irritate me here and there but I am slowly coming to an acceptance of it. I've also had my bike stolen and had a difficult time trying to report it to the police. I didn't end up reporting it in the end.

Looking back at the last few weeks there have been a few things I regret. I regret letting my emotions take over me and I regret fighting with friends. I've dealt with that already and would prefer not to remember it.

That aside I've had some awesome experience as well. I watched an incredible match of volleyball Hyundai vs. Korean Air. It was so tense and at one point the Hyundai team threatened to walk off after the Ref reversed his bad call against Korean Air. They were showing a replay that clearly showed the ref in the wrong, while the Ref was standing by his call and the entire gymnasium was screaming bloody murder. LOL I went with my friend Brad (Korean name Tae Song) and he had an incredible time. He was so happy that we got to sit next to my friend Gina who is Bob's (the Brazilian player) wife. He also got to meet Adilson Zambon (the Brazilian Asst coach for the Korean Air team) that I've also befriended.

LOL I managed to get on TV during the game several times and my students saw and then asked me for my autograph which cracked me up.

I went to a FIFA soccer match yesterday. It was a friendly game btwn South Korea and Uruguay. Quite frankly I was excited about the match but disappointed. We lost 2-0 but felt that the team was playing terribly.

That's just the quick summary of everything thats happened in the last few weeks. I will try to be more diligent with my posting, remembering also to post less.

its been a while since my last post

I've realized that i need to write less... more often. tons of shit has happened but i don't quite feel motivated cause I keep writing long ass stories. so I'm gonna try to blog more often even a line or two here and there.

I still need to finish my blog on Thailand. so I'm gonna do a quick run through.
In Ao Nang, we did elephant trekking and the 4 island tour. both of which was awesome. The three of us also got sick there. but we pushed ourselves to do all that we could. I managed to do some exploring on my own which I have discovered that I truly enjoy. The elephant trekking was a lot of fun. Elephants are gentle creatures but the sheer size of them can still be intimidating.

During the 4 island tour, we became the captain's object of affection which worked to our advantage. One of the helpers took a liking to me and swam alongside with me as we snorkeled. He pointed out a number of things that I would surely have missed just trying to swim by myself.

After Ao Nang we hit up Bangkok and I visited the Grand Palace by myself which was spectacular. We also went on a boat cruise. I myself missed out on a Muy thai boxing match because I was running short on cash and was leaving early the next day so needed to get my stuff packed. I had a brief emotional moment when we stopped off at chinatown. Standing in the midst of Chinatown there I remembered my father telling me that my grandmother back in the day would make a visit to Thailand every summer. She would make the trek from Vietnam. The very thought of her being there maybe even standing at the very spot I was at one point in time brought tears to my eyes. I can't imagine what a trip to Vietnam would do to me.

All in all, I loved Thailand. I want to do another trip there in the nearby future, tho my next place would be Chiang Mai and Phuket. I would also like to go to Koh Samui. I would prefer to be able to spend a month there at least and backpack around.