Wednesday, September 27, 2006

So judging from some of the responses I got, I realized I need to clarify a few things. I'm actually really liking Korea. I love a lot of things, I actually don't mind most of the food and there are a lot of things to see and do. There are a few things I don't quite like. For instance, I have a hard time with cold soup. But becuz I'm well acquainted with chinese food it's not that big of an adjustment for me. Funny story about food. During orientation they take us out to a chinese restaurant. They order about 3 courses. NONE OF WHICH I HAVE EVER EATEN BEFORE. They have this thing called jajamien, which is brown colored noodles with things in it. looks gross, tasted even worse. In any case I had that for lunch at school today, it was a better version of it but yet everybody asked me how I like the chinese food. I didn't realized it was jajamien cuz it was actually just the same sauce but over rice, so the first person that asked me that, my response was.... what chinese food? eventually i explained to them that I have never had this type of chinese food. So now they think I'm some sort of white-washed chinese deprived of her asian culture. When really I'm the fob amongst my friends. My co-teacher HaeKyong was the only person to understand that what we were eating was not real Chinese food cause she's been to sydney and had REAL chinese food. She mentioned something during lunch today that got me drooling. DIM SUM!! there is dim sum here somewhere. Just don't know where.
In any case I had finished classes at 12 and after lunch had a break until 2:30 when we were supposed to head over to this other school. Ok... HaeKyong asked me before what it was called when you go outside to do work, the image I conjured was archeology so I said field work. I didn't realized that it was when we have to go to another school to attend some meeting or some other work-related thing. I actually don't know what it's called when u have to leave ur actual school to go to another school. In any case, I've never heard the term field work so many times in my life. I've had to go for 4 so far and HaeKyong happens to love the word field work, so now I hear it endlessly. It was actually funny at first, now it's driving me crazy. The good thing about these 'field work' is that I get paid 5,000 won to cover transportation but it rarely costs more than 800 won for the bus. CHA-CHING!! hahah chump change, but it all adds up.
Today's field work was killer. I was tired enough as it was even with my 15 min nap during lunch. It was basically a meeting with Elementary English teachers in the district. Native English teachers (that's what we're called) were required to come as well. Basically we were 'introduced' to the idea of incorporating drama into classroom by a woman who spoke terrible english ENTHUSIASTICALLY. it was really funny. but her enthusiasm really started to annoy me because she thought she was being infectiously energetic when really she was sapping every ounce of my energy in my effort to understand her. In any case she tried, she really did and all the native teachers looked incredibly bored but participated just so she wouldn't feel embarrassed. By the end of the meeting I managed to get out of the dinner (actually it was funny how all the native speakers bailed), but got conned into doing an English Plaza (no idea what that means) on Oct 21 for 3 hrs. I wouldn't have done it except they offered me money... hahah Can't really turn down cash. basically about 35,000won/hr. CHA-CHING.
That money will come in handy especially after Chuseok holiday Oct 3-8 where 10 of us native teachers are heading over to Busan to hit the beaches and to party it up there for 4 days 3 nights.

O last news of the day... I'm going to a sauna/bathhouse with a few of my coworkers tomorrow. hehe naked.... shit shit shit. I actuallly asked for the experience a while back. I didn't realized they would ask me to go TOMORROW. well.. its an experience right? must try at least once. basically we go into a sauna, then into something like a turkish bath. and if ur friends are close enough they're supposed to help u clean ur back while u clean theirs.. hmm maybe i could pass on that? or at least wear my bikini?

o another thing... First time Anne made me dinner here. I rode my newly fixed bike to her place and let's say that it was nice. Spaghetti was not bad. ADVICE: NEVER BUY CHEAP TOMATO SAUCE!! it's not worth it. but other than that I'd say it was a success. She made lipton chicken noodle soup, which i'd been craving. *sigh... they don't have chicken noodle soup here. it satisfied my cravings.
Well that's all.
P.S. ANYBODY HAVE ANY GREAT BUT SIMPLE RECIPES PLEASE EMAIL THEM TO ME!!! I'm not good at thinking up things to make


Vince said...

Hmmm... I've heard of "jajamien" and I think I've had it, but I had the feeling that it was Korean or something...

mimmers said...

it is.. they insist it's chinese food but i've told them repeatedly, i'm chinese and i've never had jajamien. so really its korean version of chinese food