Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sean Law

hey I have a few more blogs saved up on my laptop about thailand but since I'm at work, I'm going to just write about a good friend of mine. Sean Law is an incredible dude! He's saved my ass a number of times and as soon as I post up the blogs about thailand I'm going to post some pictures up as well... I gotta say that if it wasn't for him I'd have lost all my pictures from Thailand. As I was importing the pictures from my camera onto Picasa, picasa froze just as I had clicked safe delete and import. so... all the pictures were lost from the camera and weren't saved onto picasa. Sean being the hero that he is, found a software for me to recover my images... thank god! I was close to tears.. we're talking about 540 pictures and since I was the one that had the camera most of the time someone would've had to pay. Thanks to Sean everybody gets to live and I have my memories safe and intact. This wasn't the only time Sean has helped. He's definitely an admirable kid.


Anonymous said...

Much Love, Mimi Lam!

I feel very honoured to have you (and Nemanja) as a friend!!

Anonymous said...

That's me above, Sean Law