Saturday, June 16, 2007

June 16

It's a beautiful day outside and I'm not looking forward to spending 4 hrs in the sun doing English Plaza. E.P for short is a weekend camp that I have to do every 2 Saturdays a month. I did it last semester before the weather got too cold and it just recently started up again. The good thing is that I get paid for it.
God knows I need the extra cash. I just sent a load of money home and after the purchase of my airplane tickets.

Having spent the morning hustling and bustling around to get a copy of my passport faxed to the tour agency, I settled down in front of my computer to talk to Engerla. She's planning to come here for a year and actually a few of my other friends are doing it as well and it's seriously making me consider coming back for 6 months or so. I really do miss home so I want to go back home for a bit but I would really consider coming here as well for another 3-6 months.

Looking back on my year here. It really has flown by and I feel that I've done and seen so many things. I wouldn't mind going to some other country as well to check things out but if I was doing another country I feel I should go for a year because 3-6 months isn't enough time to get to know a country.

I'll see once I get home. Need to spend some time at home with friends and family before I feel I can take off again.

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