Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Steph Lau

Before I start blogging about my trip to Seoraksan and other news I wanna take a moment to blog about my friend Steph Lau.

Steph Lau is a girl you cannot just call Steph, because if you knew her.. u'd know shes "STEPH LAU".. this woman has got PRESENCE! SHE MAKES HERSELF HEARD! She's also particularly stubborn but more often than not... tho NOT ALWAYS she is right!! She's witty, funny and confident. I like her a lot!!
Steve is one lucky man to have her by his side.

Steph Lau I want you to know I took this photo in Seoraksan FOR YOU!!


ehbaba said...


Good picture, grasshopper. Thanks for spreading the "Movement" across the globe!

I lub this entry, with the exception of an error you made...I am ALWAYS right. If there is any doubt, just ask Steve!

Just so you know (if I haven't already told you this), I only make fun of people I like and respect. So everytime I point out that you're ridiculously short, it's my way of saying "thanks for being my friend".

You're ridiculously short. =)

mimmers said...

Thanks for being my friend too!!O wait.. in a language that you'd understand.. Your arms are ridiculously long!!!