Sunday, January 14, 2007

six weirdest things about me

I'm writing this blog because Jamie tagged me and I'm supposed to tag 6 other people but I only tagged 3. I tagged Steph L, Nemanja (even though he hasn't really written in his blog forever, and Asuka.

1. I love putting my face against someone else's cold bicep. It's the feeling of cold skin that I love and I can do it forever except that my face eventually warms it up.

2. When watching a movie or reading a book. I find that in my mind I become one of the main character. It gets to a point where if the book is sad, I find myself a little depressed. Books and movies have a huge influence on my mood.

3. Whenever I have a bad dream, I find that I would wake up abruptly to end the dream then go back to bed to change the ending of the same dream.

4. I hate doing the dishes so much that sometimes I find myself gagging as I'm doing them. I hate a dirty sink more.

5. I have this little bump on my left ear. When I was younger I used to think it was my psychic intuition antenna. I thought I was psychic cause I had so many deja-vu feelings and I swear I had dreams of the events happening. I still believe it sometimes.

6. Sometimes I get this itch on my nose and I would rub it like a maniac. I've rubbed it until my nose started bleeding before. Nem stops me when he catches me doing it. but its a high-powered rub that's insatiable.

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